Have the wonderful experience of Escape Room in Dubrovnik

If you want to be a hero then Escape Room in Dubrovnik is waiting for you. you must be wondering what escape room is all about. Well, it’s a new concept of amusement where you as well as your teams are challenged to crack a sequence of mysteries, hints, and riddles in the given time period.You will get locked within a room, set on the basis of ‘Game- of-Thrones’, and you will provided the time limit of 60 minutes to play with the team for finishing the mission and get outside.Dubrovnik Escape Room is a thrilling, unique, and fun experience to enjoy with family, colleagues, and friends.

What’s the storyline?


Dubrovnik Escape Room


Well, the story is – Baratheon’spowerful navy is closeby the King’s hallway, and blockade on the funds is impending. Fortunately, the sovereigns of King’s hallway have predicted assail and began making arrangements beforehand: they ordered the native people to produce destructive weapons. Hence, Meister-Hallyne has been carefully working in his laboratory on a private part – a part which is very powerful that ones blows up, it leads to terrific destruction and no water employed could turn off it. This part is known as Wildfire, plus it is critical to annihilating the rival flotilla! But, the Wildfire get disappeared strangely, and you are the one within RespublicaObscuraDubrovnik Escap Room who is supposed to discover the unseen wildfire pot in his alchemy laboratory! You are supposed to do this hunt within the give timeframe and save the King’s Landing from the anger of StannisBaratheon.His flotilla is vast, and King’s hallwaywon’t be capable to protect itself for long time, regardless of all its talented fleet.

Final words

Escape Room Dubrovnik is an inventive concept and worth visiting. Just gather your friends or family members and move towards to “escape” from that room.