How are dining room chairs classified as per style

The eetkamerstoelen or dining room chairs are available in all houses. These eetkamerstoel are classified on various basis. These eetkamerstoelenkopen are classified on the basis of the seat material, the style, the frame, the type, the texture and so many more methods and ways of classification.

On the basis of style these stoelen are classified based on :

  1. Traditional ones : These dining room chairs are rich in texture and these chairs are very detailed as well. They have carved wooden constructions and these are like traditional furniture. They are timeless and these have flair even though they do not have freshness. These evoke an old world charm.
  2. Shaker ones are those that are minimalistic and utilitarian. These have a ladder back and these chairs when they are not being used can be hung. These do not come with a lot of trappings or ornate designs.
  3. Modern styles are those that are functional and they have a blend of form as well. These do not have many embellishments and they are minimalistic. These are like parson’s chairs.


  1. Rustic chairs are those that have an old world feel to them. These have natural unpolished wood and edges which are rough hewn. These have a loose design and look playful. These stoel usually have log style frames and they usually have seats which are upholstered and patterned.
  2. The coastal style of chairs are those that evoke the feeling of the seaside. These have tones which are lighter and they have unstained wood. These have a relaxed air too.
  3. The contemporary designs have different kinds of chairs. There are minimalistic ones, there are curved designs of wood, there are more fashionable materials as well as there are various kinds of shaping as well.