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5 reasons Americans would rather vote online

voteWith the ever increasing rise of technology, most of the US is now able to access the internet and knows how to vote online for community elections and for TV shows. For this reason, many Americans believe that an online voting system would be a more efficient way of exercising democracy. Not only is the internet extremely accessible, but it is also an easier alternative that could attract a higher voting turnout than physical voting currently does.

One reason Americans would rather vote online is because of its convenience. Current voting requires citizens to register beforehand, and then physically appear at a voting venue to place their vote. For many, however, voting can become an inconvenience. Not only does it often require time off work, but it often necessitates childcare arrangement and transport costs. Voting online, Electionshowever, would mean that Americans could vote from the comfort of their home- which would be more convenient and less expensive for everyone involved.

Americans would also rather vote online because it’s more economical. Voting can be an expensive use of taxpayer money, as there are high costs involved in renting venues, as well as paying security and polling staff. By implementing an online voting system, the government and citizens could save money and use it to fund other state necessities like education and law enforcement.

A third reason Americans would rather vote online is because it’s more accessible. The current physical system can put undue stress for those suffering from disabilities, or for those who cannot leave their homes without voting in personassistance. Whereas an online voting system would allow spoken options and enlarged fonts for those suffering from auditory or sight impairments, and would eliminate the need to move for those suffering from reduced mobility.

Americans would also rather vote online because it is more reliable. Whereas the current system involves human involvement in counting, which could reduce the accuracy of the outcome- an online system would rely entirely on computers. As computers have an extremely low margin of error, this would mean that the results could become all the more reliable.

A fifth reason that Americans would rather vote online is because it speeds up the process. The current physical system is a longer, more stressful process as counting begins once the polls have closed. An online computerized system, on the other hand, could count votes as they are placed and provide immediate results once the voting has finished- leading to a faster and easier voting process.